How to attract interest in your business with only a few words

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4 Ways to Attract Interest in Your Business in Sunshine Coast

Some networking advisors will tell you that fewer words are better. This might be true when you are about to fall out of an airplane and want someone to throw you a parachute, but we find that it’s the quality of words that makes all the difference.

An elevator pitch, for the few that don’t know, is summing up your business when you only have a short about of time. This is exactly what you need when you go to business networking events as you want to make an impact but not talk someone’s ear off.

The origins of the elevator pitch is almost exactly what the name implies. Someone had the length of an elevator ride between floors to pitch an idea to someone of power. So how do you make yours land with an impact and not a dull breeze?

Who are you?

Here’s a fun game – try to sum up who you are in one sentence. The sentence should encapsulate your business title and your main responsibility. Example: I am a marketing manager who helps develop social media campaigns for clients.

What’s your mission?

Does your business have a mission statement? How can you condense the message of that statement into a few words? People should get the idea of what the main object of your business in in a few sentences. Example: We work with struggling business to ensure they can clearly find areas of improvement and succeed.

Who do you serve and how are you different?

The business world has never been so flooded as it is now. Let who you are talking to know exactly who you are looking to work with and how you are different from your competitors. Example: We are the champions of small business, anyone with an eye for digital marketing who values input from those in the know. I know how to help because I’ve been them and learn the tips and tricks on how to accomplish huge returns on original and creative campaigns that people are still talking about.

What’s next?

Finish your pitch with a goal, something you would like to get from this discussion. Example: I would love to talk more about this with you and the creative ways we could wow your clients.

Short, brief, and memorable. That’s how you can best benefit from an elevator pitch at your next network event.

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