Networking etiquette

Business Networking Etiquette Tips - Join Networks in Sunshine Coast

Networking Etiquette Tips – Business Networks in Sunshine Coast

There are three types of people at network functions. There are those that don’t know how to talk to people, those that can talk to people, and those that are more akin to bulldozers when they interact with people.

Know how to work the crowd at an event is great for everyone as it ensures that you are not wasting your time or theirs. So, we have come up with a simple etiquette tips for business networking.


By working on your introduction and a short elevator pitch you will ensure that you are more than equipped for introductions. The key is to keep this professional but friendly. Joking is more than fine and can help break any ice that might be there, however, you need to keep it as clean as if you were talking to someone’s elderly grandmother. People who get too friendly or even borderline offensive with they way they speak might think they are showing comfort with whom they are talking too but could be alienating them and any more potential networkers.

Building trust and relationship

While you are there to promote yourself and your business, networking is not just about you. Make sure that you engage who you are talking to about their business. You never know what you might be able to gleam from their side of the conversation. It’s also very important to be open and honest about your business and even your reasons for coming to the event. These tips will ensure that you build a genuine rapport with the person and let them know that they can trust you.

Narrow your search and keep expectation realistic

We’ve all heard the story of the business person that went to an event talked to everyone and walked away with a million dollars. It’s as made up as the claim I wrote saying “We’ve all heard the story”. Keeping your network to the areas of interest that can help you and your business is key to making sure you don’t waste precious time. Keeping your expectations realistic is also helpful as you will most likely not make a billion-dollar client from a networking event but you will make contacts that might make the opportunity greater.

If you would like some more tips about business networking, contact us as we live for it.

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Your handshake matters! The Dos and Don’ts of handshakes

dos and don'ts of handshake - networking tips - business networks sunshine coast

How to Network in Sunshine Coast

When you are at a business networking event, or meeting with a client, some things speak volumes about you or them without words being uttered. Obviously, the way you look creates the first impression, the way that you walk and carry yourself is also very important. But are you forgetting something? Did you extend a dead fish, a rock, or did you seal the deal with your handshake?

Think about the last time you shook hands with someone? What did it feel like? Was it firm? Hard? Limp? Sweaty? What did it make you think about that person? How would you rate your handshake? If you are honest with yourself, you’ll know that you do judge a person by their handshake and so do others.

What does a handshake say about a person? What are people meant to perceive from your handshake? Let’s have a look at some of the most common handshakes to see what people think about them.

The dead fish
We’ve all had it and not many people like it. We understand that when it comes to handshakes you should go in like an industrial clamp, but at the same time you have to give a little something. Limp or weak handshakes tell people that the shaker lacks confidence or even worse that they don’t think enough about you to give you a firm handshake. Both men and women respect a firm, but gentle, handshake.

The crusher
Easy there! No need to be aggressive about it! No one is questioning your alphaness! A crushing handshake can give people the sense of an ego problem or a bully, not to mention that if you hurt someone, they are not going to want to do business with you.

The brush off or lingerer
Time is also a factor when it comes to handshake, too quick and you can make the person feel like you are brushing them of and don’t care; too long and it can become needy and off putting.

The perfect handshake says I’m confident, I care about this conversation, and I’m ready to do business. A firm grip, with gentle pressure, keep eye contact, smile and let go after two seconds.

Simple but effective.

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Network within the network, use your connections to do the work for you

how to make networking connections in sunshine coast

How to Make Better Networking Connections in Sunshine Coast

The old saying of “work smarter, no harder” can apply to so many things, except maybe weightlifting. You’ll never gain muscle no matter how much smarter you are than a dumbbell.

Terrible jokes aside, there is a lot to be said for making other enhance your network experience. While your business might be able to afford to send multiple people to a single event, not everyone has that luxury. While the term “single serving marketers” kind sounds like you don’t care about them it simply means that people that you meet and talk to at an event could do a lot of the leg work for you.

If you “wow” someone with your elevator pitch and follow up conversation and let them know what you are in the market for they will more than likely bring you up in conversation with someone else. If they are having a discussion that sounds like someone you described to them as a “perfect client” and, of course, they are also not looking for that client they might be keen to introduce you to them. This works two-fold because they have found you a lead, and it has endeared them to you and the client. It’s a win for everyone.

Incentivising a conversation might be a way to get the word out as well. If you happen to mention that you are looking for multiple businesses as there might be a discount or a finder’s fee for helping out than that might encourage the other party to not only get the word out at the event but they might continue to do so for some time after the event as well.

Word of mouth is still one of the greatest marketing tools in your arsenal and creating relationships with people at networking events will deliver.