Don’t forget the personal touch

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Too often in the business world, it comes down to numbers or worse yet buzzwords. People worry about the “bottom line”, “social engagement”, or “click-throughs”. With all the jargon and stats that fly past you on a daily basis, it might be hard to remember that each one of those numbers represents a living breathing person.

When it comes to business networking, this same problem can arise. People are so happy to share their website’s “hits” and “traffic demos” but they forget about what made them interested in the business in the first place. The people. It is those same people that got you interested in the business that is going to get others interested in it as well.

Personal Stories & Business Networks Sunshine Coast

The personal story not only endears your business to people by putting a face to the organisation, but it’ll endear you to those you speak to at a networking event. It’ll make people remember you, and therefore remember your business the next time they are looking for a service or product.

One of the best aspects of a personal story is that every organisation has one. Obviously, the story needs to be relatable to your business. While the story about the one intern getting a little too drunk at the office end of year function and sharing a little too much with the photocopier is hilarious, it’s not really selling you.

The personal stories that you want to share are the ones that show how your business helped someone. It could be how your product or service changed the life of a client or how it raised the annual turnover for another business through its clever ingenuity. If you have volunteers or charitable arms of your business, the story can be about how your volunteers make a difference in not only your company’s client base but how they are a positive influence on company’s work culture.

Putting a face on your business helps make it relatable and memorable. It’ll help you stand out at the next networking event and make sure that you have the edge from all the buzzword slingers in the room.