Break the ice or melt it with charm?

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Business Networking Sunshine Coast Unless you are in the ice sculpture business, you should really get good at breaking the ice. Sure, when you are meeting someone at a business networking event, you could ask them, for the thousandth time that evening, “So, what do you do?”. Event Socializing – Business Networking Sunshine Coast The… Read more


Don’t forget the personal touch

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Business Networks Sunshine Coast Too often in the business world, it comes down to numbers or worse yet buzzwords. People worry about the “bottom line”, “social engagement”, or “click-throughs”. With all the jargon and stats that fly past you on a daily basis, it might be hard to remember that each one of those numbers… Read more


Networking etiquette

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Networking Etiquette Tips – Business Networks in Sunshine Coast There are three types of people at network functions. There are those that don’t know how to talk to people, those that can talk to people, and those that are more akin to bulldozers when they interact with people. Know how to work the crowd at… Read more